sabato 5 maggio 2012

Meerkat: larger render

Hi think this looks better, it's a render with higher quality. I added the background manually in postwork.
Click it to see full size.

3 commenti:

  1. One great thing about this is how the hair catches the light when backlit. Beautiful. My only gripe is the same one I often have for Poser Hair-Room hair. When you first grow the hair, you can often "see" artifacts of the underlying mesh, much as TV cameras "see" the mowing pattern on a playing field. The mesh pattern seems pretty clear on the belly and right arm. I'm not sure that there's any cure for this other than to go over the grown hairs and rough up the pattern until the artifacts go away.

  2. If I understood correctly what you mean, I guess using kink and frizz effects (still not available) will be able to solve this issue giving a more irregular pattern.

  3. For fur, that would probably be the best approach. For human hair, what I'm planning on doing when LAMH is released is to create a relatively high-poly skullcap mesh with an irregular pattern. The artifacts will still appear but they will look like natural variations, not like neat rows and columns. However, a great advantage to LAMH is that it's so easy to style and adjust the hairs. It would take only a minute or two to make even relatively low-poly figures like Genesis or V3 Reduced Resolution have a great, natural-looking hairstyles.