In LAMH it's possible to export hair as .obj (to be used in Studio as well as external renderers or software like Lux, Octane, Keyshot or else) and RenderMan curves.
RenderMan curves are just awesome: after quite some work I've been able to implement the cubic version of those, which allow to render smooth, interpolated splines, meaning that even if a hair has some sharp edges or corners, those will be rounded in order to make it look a real hair.
Also, RenderMan curves are highly optimized and render very, very fast and with high quality.

And another cool feature in LAMH is the "texture-transfer" feature (currently available for RenderMan curves, but will be developed also for external .obj's) that allows to color curves as the underlying figure body color texture.
This is demonstrated in several videos and it's such a time-saver, avoiding the need to create extra textures or set colors: curves will read and set their color automatically!

If you take a look at some critters on this blog, you can see how the fur matches perfectly the body color, thanks to this striking feature.

Upon exporting, you can also set the root and tip width.

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