Once follicle areas have been defined, just enter a value for the guide length (default is 8cm.) and click the button to create the actual guide hair.

Guide hair have a green color, and are used to quickly and easily shape and model our figure hair.
The three basic tools are the comb, the scissors and the scale tool.

They are all accessible through the mouse: the comb is performed by simply clicking the left mouse and dragging hair; the scissors is performed holding the <SHIFT> key and clicking; the scale tool is performed holding the <CTRL> key, clicking and dragging the mouse.

Both guide hair and full hair use the verlet integration method to maintain constraints for each hair.

Shaping guide hair is a very entertaining and straightforward process: it's possible also to mask out areas and perform actions only on specific spots, and use a number of deformers (at this time only two, but there will be more) in order to globally shape guide hair with effects such as spherize, gravity, curl hair etc.

The better guide hair resemble the result to achieve, the less full hair refinement will be needed later.

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