lunedì 19 marzo 2012

Genesis: wild hair !

I felt like giving Genesis some wild hair, so I started defining the follicle area (piece of cake, no more than 3 minutes of work), grew guide hair, applied some spherize effect in order to drape those a little bit on the head mesh, and shaped those with the usual tools (comb, scissors, scale).

One of the neat options in LAMH is the full hair automatic update: that means that working on guide hair will automatically update full hair as well, so you can see the final shape in real time.

That's all in the video I made:

Finally, I exported hair as RenderMan (yes I'm in love with it) and rendered about 300.000 hairs (almost 3 times the average human hair count) in about 45 minutes (on my Mac Pro 2x2.26Ghz, 12GB RAM).

Follicle area it's ready!

Guide hair shaped

Full hair preview

Final render in Studio4, added mild glow effect: click to see full size image

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